Moving an inanimate objects a car, using the camera move technique


Drive_Car-1D.pclx (53.0 KB)

Load the file Move_Car.pclx into Pencil2D

  1. Move the car off stage Right

  2. Allow some anticipation time, i.e. some frames where no action occurs

  3. Move car into centre of the animation stage, using the camera move technique, with a separate frame, in the car layer, for each step of the move, this allows editing of the resulting frames.

  4. Stop motion instantly

  5. Car moves such that bottom of car is at 45 degrees

  6. After a suitable delay building up expectations

  7. Drop car to horizontal position

  8. Car should now bounce several times for dramatic effect.

  9. After a short delay the car should reverse and park by the tree, leaving the entrance free

  10. Add tire screeching sounds and crashing sounds as appropriate, these can be downloaded from many website, on a royalty free basis

  11. Add lines to indicate wheel rotation to each frame in the animation, where appropriate, hint its better to draw these on a separate layer

Note that you should regularly save your work during the project! I suggest you save after every stage listed above, with the first file called Move.Car-2.pclx. That way if you make a mistake, you can revert to the previous file and redo the current operation.

I hope this is an interesting challenge!

Marking Criteria

Pass - you complete stages 1 to 9 to a basic standard

Credit - You complete stages 1 to 9 to an advanced standard and attempt stage 10

Distinction - You complete stages 1 to 9 to an advanced standard and complete stage 10 and attempt or complete stage 11


For the previous exercise, you need to clip the background image into a rectangular shape using an editor, such as Gimp, before proceeding to output your final work to either GIF or MP4 format.