Moving a Lot of Frames Causes Many Frames to Delete

So i really like this program; its easy to use and straightforward. And I don’t expect pencil to come with all the bells, whistles, and capabilities that programs you can buy has. However a major bug i noticed last night was that when i moved a large number of frames to the right (in order to make room for new frames i wanted to add early on in the animation) a quarter of my 280 frames were made blank. I later tried the same thing (after saving an older version under a different name just in case) and the same thing happened. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if there’s anything i can do to fix it?

Yes we also discovered this problem. It will be fixed in the next version of Pencil2D.

For now the only way you can work around it that I know of is to load all of the frames into the cache before moving. To do this, go to preferences (Edit > Preferences) and scroll down to the “Cached Frame Number” option and set it to something larger than your current number of frames (currently it has to be <1501). Then close that window and play through your entire animation. This is important to load your frames into the cache. The catch with this is that it will use up a lot of memory if you have a big project or high resolution project. You will have to replay the animation again each time you restart Pencil2D or load the project.

Thank you! this is very helpful. again love the software, looking forward to the update.

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