Moving a circle...

My background image is a floor plan with rooms and hallways.

I want to move a red circle through the floor plan and everywhere the red circle has been I want to leave an orange trail.

I created the circle in paint, pasted it into p2d, changed the color to orange, added a new layer, added a new key, pasted the new red circle and the orange circle disappears.

What am I doing wrong?



@ppetree Hmm strange, would have to see some kind of visual aid because it shouldn’t do that. However if you’re using version 0.5.4b, I urge you to try out the latest development version which has several fixes applied to it.

You can get it here:

Latest version for windows is
Latest version for MAC is

Now, just because I’d like to help you further, If you’re doing some kind of motion graphics job I could suggest using Tupi or Synfig to get easier interpolation for moving objects. Both are open source and can load and export multiple file formats as far as I know. It might be a tad faster than with Pencil2D.

Either way let me know if using the newer version works out. Cheers.

It’s easy to duplicate:

  1. Open Paint on windows
  2. Chose the circle tool
  3. Chose a solid border
  4. Chose the fill color (I used red)
  5. Draw a circle - Mine was about 2 inches across
  6. Select the circle
  7. Copy the circle to the clipboard

Open P2D and then:

  1. paste circle
  2. hand, move circle to left side
  3. + key, paste new circle - this overwrites the previous paste in the previous key.


  1. new project
  2. paste circle
  3. + key
  4. + new bitmap layer
  5. paste circle - this overwrites the previous paste

All the about box says about version is 0.5.4 (no a/b/c)

@ppetree Hi. Regarding your specific problem. I’ve just tested the same steps that you describe and it works as intended in the Nightly Build, which is an up-to-date version of the program scheduled to be properly released when they fix a few more issues that will add polish to the release.

NOTE: Also consider if you just copy the circle from paint you will also copy the white background that appears behind it. In Pencil2D the white background is just a visual representation of an alpha channel, that is transparency information.

This is important because when you are going to use the onion skin feature you won’t see a circle but a square that is the same size as the marquee tool you used when you copied form paint since it also copied the white “background” from paint.

—Sorry If I repeat myself again but please don’t use version 0.5.4 anymore, use the latest Nightly Build from the link shared in my earlier comment.

The development version works better than version 0.5.4, guaranteed.

I created a private guide for another user to guide them in the download process to find the proper file and install it on windows.

Hopefully it helps you as well: