Movie Export Problems

So I just downloaded Pencil2D today and I really love it! But i’m struggling with my current project. When i’m viewing my animation in the program everything runs smoothly and looks perfectly fine, but when I export the frames they are all crooked to the side. Within the program they are all upright and facing the correct way, it’s only when it’s exported are they side ways.

How can I fix this? or why is this happening? I haven’t been able to find anything about this or any way to fix the frames.

Thank you!

@aven12 Hi welcome to the Pencil2D forums. Would you mind telling us which version are you using? You can find out by going to Help > About

Can you share a screenshot of how it looks as opposed to an image of how it looks after it’s been exported?

Chances are that your camera layer is not properly aligned with your drawing.

To correct this you have to: 1) select your camera layer and 2) use the “hand” tool to frame your drawing properly.

Conversely whenever you’re going to export the images you HAVE to select your camera layer, if you have any other layer selected when you’re using the export function, you won’t get the images properly exported out.

Let us know if this was helpful!

@JoseMoreno Thank you for the fast reply and the help! I wen’t back in and did some adjusting and I guess along the way I moved things on the camera layer.

I think i was confused earlier because before I saved/closed the program there was a difference in what I saw in the program and what was exported. But I opened it again just now and everything was crooked from the beginning. Either way i was able to fix it and it exported beautifully!

Thank you again!