Move Imported Pictures + Circle Tool?

how do i move imported pictures can someone help me with this, also is there a circle tool?

@Thing-4_Animations Hi, welcome to the forum. Next time please open a new thread instead of using old posts as it’s easier for the moderators to see new threads.

To answer your question Pencil2D is a simple tool, to move elements you have to do it frame by frame using the selection tool to create a box around the area of the picture and then use the move tool to translate the image.

You can also use the camera layer to create an interpolated translation and export the result as an image sequence to import it back into pencil2d in another file.

Currently there are no geometric tools, but these are planned for a future version.

If you don’t feel this is intuitive or that the program doesn’t provide you with enough tools, try looking at our list of alternative animation applications in the Pencil2D blog. I personally can recommend Krita and Opentoonz. For a simple program with tools and motion tweening you can try TupiTube Desk or Synfig as well.

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