Most ambitious and compete animation yet I want to make viral if you wanna help!

Continuing with my high bro humour (not) I spend about 8-9 hours on this today lol boy did the time fly!! I thought it was 3 hours.

I hope some of you enjoy my naughty comedy cartoons this is the best yet! “TYPICAL ENGLAND”

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What did I just watch???

erm the best animation you ever saw? :P

Well done, you got a laugh from me :laughing:

hey cheers mate! please subscribe and share if you want… I can sub to your YT if you like… be cool to see what you up too…

nice! I’ll check it out

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I even got a laugh as well

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Nice, I am prone to shocking humor too. I don’t know what’s wrong with me haha.

hehe thanks yeah I love south park and stuff hehehe

As an American I feel almost obligated to appreciate this