Morr's Animation Show

Hey everyone, sorry for not being around much life has been hectic and i managed to get a job so nomore free time to dawdle with pencil building (i couldn’t build it at all even there seemed to be some sort of error as the phonon libraries weren’t read correctly lol) as you see i got bit by the animation bug by seeing all those great examples you’ve been issuing in the forums :slight_smile: , i wanted to make my own “animation sketchbook” thread, so i’ll drop some stuff in here alongside with a really old demo reel i have made up entirely with my “student” work (ugh i seriously need to update that thing omg it’s so outdated haha)

To be honest i’m just like an entry level wannabe or at least i consider myself like that regarding animation, i really need to get better! i enjoy 2D animation a lot but 3D is not strange for me. Hope you enjoy anything from this stuff.


p.s. had to take down the original soundtrack because of some copyright issues which was funny because this is an unlisted video because i havent shown this to anyone, not even my former employers haha!


Now for the next act i’ll show you some magic tricks with pencil haha (pun intended refer to joker’s pencil trick).

The first ones were done using pencil 0.5.3 it was rather hard due to the pencil tool limitation so i had to use the brush tool, which gave me some pressure sensitivity but it sucked all my energy to try to get a decent linework (damn opacity was unchangeable).

After the hand test i dont know why but for some reason i decided to work with my ubuntu distro and the pencil 0.4.4b that came with it, MAN what a change, despite not having pressure sensitivity for some reason of fate the pencil tool line flow was actually workable, so i managed to force myself to do some excercises from Tony White’s book “The Animator’s Workbook”. Then when i came back to 0.4.4b WIN version the magic was gone, it seems the linux version is superior thanks to our folks at morevna (no hard feelings pascal!) or perhaps it’s the Qt version? or maybe the way linux owns vs windows, its graphics processing?, whatever! who knows i jsut could do it better with ubuntu haha.

This is but a small set of free-spirited animations, hopefully i’ll have time to make some more and increase their complexity to show them around :slight_smile: , let me know what you think, cheers.

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Well these demos are fantastic, I really like some of the 3D effects you’ve done. Although I notice something that seems present in a lot of amateur 3D animation which is that it looks very floaty, probably due to using a minimal number of keyframes and letting the computer do the 'tweens. But still yeah it’s fun to see this kind of thing.

@connors i know what you mean, also theres a lot of frame skipping for most of the “heavy” effect stuff, although to be fair the only 3D (as in made with 3D software) in the demo was that of the hammer and the spanner, the rest of the “digital” stuff like the typography dinosaur, the star & the city zoom-in were done in flash and the “hyper-drive” effect animation was done with after effects. The nova effect was animated in photoshop as well as the black-hole impersonation while sucking-up the dino.

Sad thing about most of the jittery parts is that i had to basically screen capture my own flash preview because the software (and my computer) weren’t even able to withstand the size of the export, i tried everything but it always crashed so i said “well eff it” and recorded it like that.

I am not fond of 'tweening without thought particularly just so you know, but well that’s now and this demo content is almost 4 years old, which saddens me even more for not having recent animation stuff to show, it’s ok though since i usually dislike to present my student / personal work to others, but i wanted to show my humble beginnings around and hopefully this thread will be kind of a way to say that if i could improve, then anyone can haha!

I’d love to be able to upload better (and more fresh) material before we wrap up this year, but for now thanks for the comment bro, hope to see more of your work soon too :slight_smile:

You are funny as hell!
“his thread will be kind of a way to say that if i could improve, then anyone can haha!”

So you are a professor in animation, correct? I can see by your videos that you have plenty of different material done. I like the 3D shorts, and your 2D animation is so clean, really, nicely draw.
I believe the part with the camera going to South America and entering a building is made with Blender3D (?)… and BTW, where you the one sited on that chair? jeje

I know we all have work to do in our day-by-day events.
But this idea on the community of showing our work in animation has been such a good inspiration.
And to tell the truth: Pencil2D is so good right now!!! :slight_smile:

THANKS MATT AND OTHER DEVELOPERS. When I have time I will make a post with the new features and improvements inside Pencil2D.
[it is already my TVPaint free edition… :)]

So you are a professor in animation, correct?
@kaiko haha i wish! i still have a long way to become fit for even teaching animation, but thank you for thinking like that :) . Regarding the camera zoom-in, like i told Connorses in the previous post, eveything except the hammer & spanner parts is 2D done with flash, photoshop and a bit of after effects (the "warp-drive" effect for the star). For the record i'm still not bald like the character in that room hahaha.

About the pencil2D use, I know the original developers didn’t want pencil to be a “free copy” of existing commercial software, but if it could be like TVPaint as an animation solution i wouldn’t complain at all. Right now we’re using it at work and it’s fantastic (TVPaint that is).

For me pencil has the potential to reach even higher!, but we might have to look into developing something like a “Pencil2D Foundation” pretty much like blender did, the thing is that there needs to be a lot of development done for the tool (even though you guys have been really busy with it lately!) and there would have to be a focused effort from professional animators and artists as well to get it started, like getting an office on a major city and perhaps working as an advertisement and feature / broadcast queality production studio while having a “pencil2d development” department, i wouldn’t mind to resurrect classical animation through pencil2d if it was like that.

Anyway, yeah! thanks to everyone (old and new) for their development efforts! you guys are awesome!

ei @morr
"but if it could be like TVPaint as an animation solution i wouldn’t complain at all" :slight_smile:

The “Pencil2D Foundation” is something to be considered. But there is no real bases for creating that. I mean, none of us in this virtual community knows each other (I think so), so when we start talking about a foundation there is the need to talk about financial support to our main developers.
As far I am concerned, it is very rare now a days to find people in which we can trust to give them the responsibility for the financial feature of the Foundation, so not sure how we can accomplish that very goal.

If we are all working here just for fun, developing the code, improving features, adding stuff, tracking bugs, reporting issues, etc… we are doing just fine. But I believe the real workers should be taken into account when we decide to give a help for their work and time spent. And a financial help is the idea that came to my mind.

Wow, this thread is so old. 2013. And that first reel sure is ancient history I actually never used it to get a job. I was too embarrassed to show it to potential emplyers lol. I don’t really know how the heck I got work afterwards.

Anyway i’ll post a new reel for this year. It’s not exactly a major improvement, but I guess it is more polished (plus it’s what I have for now after an excruciating session of editing tons of bad videos). So let me know what you think:slight_smile: