More "Selection Tool"Features

Sorry if someone has already suggested this but I’d love to have the ability to flip and rotate selected segments of a picture. This is probably one of my favorite programs for drawing on my PC and if anyone could find a way to mod this feature in I’d be ecstatic.


  1. Make your selection

  2. Switch to move tool (Q)

  3. Hold Ctrl and drag the selected area

Thanks @kaiko and devs @chchwy @jose =o)

EDIT: This is for rotation; I don’t think flipping is possible yet.

You´re welcome @mikshaw!

Thanks, yea i figured out how to rotate on accident but if I could flip stuff I would flip my lid lol. Its the only tool I really miss that paint or other programs have.


You mean, flip a selected area? Good idea @jirven

We are very busy right now but I will make an effort,
maybe it’s done in my next upload.

Thanks for your support @mikshaw


Yea thats what i mean, thanks man keep up the great work!