MORE problems...Can anybody help me, please?

Just… I can’t open some files.

@Mimikyu007_OwO It seems the file got corrupted. Please upload it to wetransfer like we did before and send us the link so we can try to recover whatever was saved on it. Since Pencil2D saves from last to first frame it’s possible that the first drawings are lost.

It also happens that when these files are corrupted the main file that organizes the drawings is also lost so you might have to reorganize the positions of your drawings.

Even commercial software can corrupt files like Adobe Flash / animate or Toonboom Harmony, so It’s important to always have multiple copies of the same file to fall back to a previous version.

Mmmm… I think I can upload the file here, now I can, but… I’m going to put the file in we transfer too.
Hey, when I trie to put here the file this website says to me: ‘’ The file is empy’’
And if I put it in wetransfer… Here is:
It’s 0 bytes…

@Mimikyu007_OwO :slightly_frowning_face: I got the file but yeah it seems it was corrupted beyond recovery. When files have “0” bytes it’s impossible to bring them back. Sigh :weary:

You told me you were using linux right? I’m honestly starting to think that it might be better to try another software at this point. I hate to say it but Pencil2D for linux seems to have a lot of issues right now.

Do you remember if you saved properly the first time? or did Pencil2D crash so the file became like that?

Either way there is no perfect software but for linux you could try out Krita ( to draw your animation as you would in Pencil2D, I know they put special attention for Linux so it works better than on other systems. We on the other hand have less help with Linux development than we have with Mac or Windows :cry:

Then, please, fix the problems as fast as possible.
This are all the problems with Linux version of Pencil 2D that I have:
1- Camera layer doesn’t work.
2- Some files come corrupted from day to day.
3- Because ay estrange thing, now the program( or my computer, I don’t know :C ) don’t export correctly the files into video, but before it exported it good.
4- Some times, when they are more than 400 frames, can’t export into anything ( Gif, video, picture secuence), thats a really annoying point.
5-When I have more than 3 layers with more than 100 each of them, the program runs super slowly and hangs out.
6- Sometimes, when it’s saving the file automaticly, it hangs out.
7- Really, I can’t make long videos,( All are less than 1 minute)

Even with all this, I really like this animation program, I guess I took love. I would not like to say goodbye to him so soon. I’m thinking of ordering a new computer for Christmas. Although I really need a new computer because it is running out of size, I would not like to change software.
If you can fix all of the problems I will thank you all the help, but if you can’t… I’m really sad to say goodbye to this program. T_T

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