missed pictures

i safed a finished animation and at the next day i tried to watch the animation again and only the frames without pictures was there.what can i do?

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Would you mind to tell us which version of Pencil2D are you using? And your Operator System? And how do you actually saved the animation? It is of a great help to know some steps for replicating them

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I saved the picture in safe as, my system is a mac os X and i don’t know how to look what version it is .

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You can find the version of the program in the main bar > Help > About

Sorry but I do not use a Mac system to check this issue. I will be of no help here.
A Mac user will surely give you a helping hand on this. Let us wait


Something is also wrong here. I tested a similar situation and found out the same issue as yours.
My animation has >100 frames, and when I try to open it (using File > OpenRecent from the main bar) the animation is loaded but with no image. Only the right number of frames are present.

You will notice that even zooming in/out doesn’t help to see the actual drawings

But even that I managed to have it working, some times Pencil2D crashed and closed unexpectedly. Try this: Detach the TimeLine.
When I did it all drawings from each frame were back visible as it should be

Hope this help

@lolnewsgermany @kaiko we updated our FAQ last week with a prevention guide for this kind of cases. This is a problem that stems from the old pencil versions. This seems like a typical silent-wipe case. It’s produced by a memory leak in pencil2D and it triggers after 100+ frames. PLEASE READ IT and take precautions.


I’m sorry to say that your work might have been lost, try to look in your data folder if there is still some of your drawings left. If you don’t know what a .data folder is read our FAQ entry about understanding Pencil files.


Hi @morr!

How are you doing? :slight_smile:

I mentioned to @lolnewsgermany what he/she might do in order to have the drawings back. If it doesn’t work then the “issue” he described is different than the one I had.

I should also have mentioned to @lolnewsgermany that the problem might have to do with the last MasterCode or something related to the last modification in GitHub since I can have issues when opening “my” animation using this MasterCode (last MasterCode from Set2016 opens the animation but shows no drawings, only frames, same as @lolnewsgermany) but opening absolutely fine when using a different version (01July2016).
My saved animation is still intact. Therefore it would be a better idea for him to try and see if this Pencil2D’ version (01July2016) brings the same issue

@kaiko Hey. Hope you’re doing well too. Yeah you did good on suggesting that. The problem is that no matter how I look at it, this case is related to the issue I described and linked. I’ve just had to deal with many similar cases, and that’s why I made this enormous bug report: https://github.com/pencil2d/pencil/issues/520

The problem is that if they used the PCLX file, then there’s no way to recover the drawings, but if they saved as a PCL file, then they still can look at the .DATA folder and see if they can recover the drawings. However since it’s MAC OSX I’m not optimistic I’m afraid.

Also the latest Nightly Build has been reported to cause at least 2 cases where pencil crashes and the file remains “intact” (not wiped clean), but everytime the person tries to open the file Pencil crashes and opening through “recent files” doesn’t work either.

Well hopefully they can resolve this with your guide, but if they can’t then it’s time to move forward and read the guide to prevent more issues.


I will do as you suggest, and read the Guide just to be up to date with issues Bugs and suggestions.

Pencil2D is getting some improvements. We may not easily recognize them but since we build this forum page Pencil2D had very annoying bugs that almost put it aside for good. For instance saving was not a good thing in those days, and right now we can at least have this functionality working OK.

We, as virtual community, hope to have once again the great help of those volunteers that helped Matt developing and improving Pencil2D code in the middle of the last year. It was so rewarding to see their interaction on GitHub. :slight_smile:

Thank you @morr for your time