Minor Lag

Hello, I’m new to using this program. I’ve always wanted to get into animation, and after years of doing it suuuper slowly via programs like Gimp I decided to try using something actually meant for animating. But for some reason it lags.

Sometimes it wont draw a line, or will take a second to make it then have it go straight rather than the curve I drew it in. It’s a bit frustrating and makes my sketches even sloppier than they are by default, and any attempts at lineart entirely awful as it messes with pen pressure too.

Is there a fix for this or am I just out of luck?

Hi to you,

It is not only lagging but also has some issues that prevent using Pencil2D as “normal” 2D animation software, at the moment of course. Our developers are working on several stages in order to give us a test build in order to confirm the new improvements and bug-fixed.

As far as the “lag” thing, you must be using a VECTOR layer. Vector layer was lagging before but I believe it was already fixed. Try it again by closing Pencil2D and not just by selecting New Document.
Check also please the PREFERENCES panel. You find out a Vector Curve Smoothing’s slide. Even If I happen to work on Vector layers, I use to choose “0” value. This will prevent straight lines to end up curved.

This will surely help you