Miniz error doesnt let me record

When i finish an animation it doesnt let me record it, there appears the Miniz error, which says it couldnt record and its posible that haven’t saved the animation, it tells me to try later but it dont work, please help me i want to make a serie in my yt:

sFileName = C:/Users/Darío/Documents/Dareck’s bizzarre world/Dareck’s Bizzarre World.pclx
New zipped Pencil File Format (*.pclx) !
TempWorkingFolder = C:/Users/Darío/AppData/Local/Temp/Pencil2D/Default_Y2xD_5zy4hsui/
Total 3 layers
Layer[0] = [id=1, name=Capa de Cámara, type=5]
Layer[1] = [id=2, name=Capa Vector, type=2]
Layer[2] = [id=3, name=Capa Bitmap, type=1]
All Layers saved
Writing main xml file…
Done writing main xml file at
Creating Zip C:/Users/Darío/Documents/Dareck’s bizzarre world/Dareck’s Bizzarre World.pclx from folder C:/Users/Darío/AppData/Local/Temp/Pencil2D/Default_Y2xD_5zy4hsui/
Miniz writer init failed: 17
Add file to zip: data/002.001.vec
Cannot add data/002.001.vec: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: data/003.007.png
Cannot add data/003.007.png: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: data/003.006.png
Cannot add data/003.006.png: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: data/003.005.png
Cannot add data/003.005.png: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: data/003.004.png
Cannot add data/003.004.png: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: data/003.003.png
Cannot add data/003.003.png: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: data/003.002.png
Cannot add data/003.002.png: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: data/003.001.png
Cannot add data/003.001.png: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: data/palette.xml
Cannot add data/palette.xml: error 23, file stat failed
Add file to zip: main.xml
Cannot add main.xml: error 23, file stat failed
Miniz finalize archive failed
System Info
Pencil version: 0.6.4 (stable)
Build ABI: x86_64-little_endian-llp64
Kernel: winnt, 10.0.17134
Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0)

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@DareckSlava Sorry to hear you had a problem. Normally when a file is corrupted it happens when the file saving operation is interrupted. We’ve noticed this happens a lot with Windows 10 for some reason, but we’re still looking for clues on how to improve this.

For now, whatever you couldn’t save has been lost, so you can only recover what is already inside the file. Please follow this guide to try to recover whatever was saved in the file: Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide

That does not work cuz the file doesn’t record. any way thx.

@DareckSlava So you mean you haven’t been able to save at least once, is that right? In that case, please check if you have an antivirus that’s blocking Pencil2d.exe (inside the Pencil2d folder) or if windows UAC is blocking the software when you try to save.

@DareckSlava Another question would be, trying to save anything with Pencil2D gives you the same error? or it happened with only this file?

@DareckSlava I’ve already alerted the developers to take a look at this thread to see how they can help as well.

EDIT: Since you want to make a youtube series, you don’t necessarily need Pencil2D. We have a list of other animation software you could use to create your show at least meanwhile the developers find what’s the problem that does not allow you to save.

Visit our blog post to check the list:

it happens with every file, and no, there is no antivirus blocking files.

@DareckSlava Thank you for the fast answer to those questions, when the developers review this thread it will help be narrow down the issue.

For the moment I’ll ask you to try to save to the other pencil2d format to see if it works out, it’s called a legacy format but it’s not really older or worse, the only difference is that it does not ZIP the contents in a single file, but rather it keeps every resource inside a folder and the main pencil2d file is a text file that reads from the folder.

To save with the other format do the following:

  1. Go to File > Save As…
  2. In the file browser select “Type” dropdown below the file name > Select *.PCL
  3. Press [Save]
  4. On the folder you saved you’ll see the *.PCL file and the folder with the [fileName] text. Make sure you NEVER change the name of the folder or the files will not work again.

If you are able to save to this file type please let us know.

Ok it works! Thanks so much for the solution!

@DareckSlava I’m glad. Make sure to make backup copies of both the PCL and the .data folder to avoid losing work as well.

We don’t know if this filetype will get corrupted as easily, but it’s better to be safe by making copies before starting to work and after you finish work. Good luck with your show!

Hi @DareckSlava
Thanks for your bug report, I have found the bug regarding Unicode filenames, I will fix it soon.

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