Merging layers for easier workflow

This feature would be really nice because it really just makes everything easier to use and more simplified so you are not constantly switching between. With whatever you want to do, It would really just make pencil2d easier to use in my opinion :)

@Hobtoon While I’m not sure exactly what will be made easier in your specific workflow, let me assure you that developers are aware of this feature and it is on the way.

I can’t give you an ETA but the feature it self is already implemented as a working prototype in a separate development version of the software. It does need to be reviewed and hopefully if nothing breaks it could be added in future versions of the software, however if its deemed to cause problems with the current code, it will either have to be postponed for fix or even remade from scratch; this happens a lot in order to have the least amount of issues when running the software, so it’s a normal process when adding new features.

Thank you, I really just think that it would improve the program. And have you also considered adding a shape tool? That is the only other thing that would make me like pencil2d more :)

@Hobtoon Hi, thank you for your messages. Actually yes, the shape tool has been asked before and it’s part of Pencil2D’s roadmap. Due to the nature of the software and the vision for it the shape tool has a lower priority than other features, but it will come in due time, most likely once the vector engine is fixed, however some time will pass before that.

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