Melanie Martinez - Milk of the Siren (animation)

Hey! I just finished this animated music video for Melanie Martinez’s song “Milk of the Siren”. Made with Pencil2D. Check it out!


I’m stunned :) what a big project you did. I like the animation especially the parts where you fly around like it was 3D even if it’s 2D drawings, it must have been time consuming. Thanks for sharing. I also like the fact that you never know what is going to happen next, you have a great imagination to plan out a movie that goes along with the song for so long and no repeated animations that I could see. :clap::+1::muscle:

Thank you so much!! I did use Blender models as reference for a couple backgrounds if you’re curious (namely the town that is seen at the beginning and the shot where the camera dives underwater towards the end).

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@sagpi As always it’s a treat to see your wonderful work around here.

Thank you for sharing. It’s stunning! :exploding_head: :raised_hands:

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Hi Omg, I found you I saw your animation on YouTube and immediately fell in love. It was added to my playlist with my favorite videos, and when YouTube blocked this one, I already began to be afraid that I wouldn’t see it again. I registered in discord and on this site in order to ask for this video directly from you. Can I see this somewhere else besides YouTube or could you send it to me?

hello! the full video is on my Instagram @sagpilehpapa too. i’m curious as to why you can’t see it on YouTube. as far as i know, it is only blocked in Russia and Belarus, while it can be seen just fine in the rest of the world. are you by chance in these territories? if you are, i’m afraid the video is also blocked on Instagram for you. please tell me.if you have any more problems and i’ll try to help you.