Melanie Martinez - Milk of the Siren (animation)

Hey! I just finished this animated music video for Melanie Martinez’s song “Milk of the Siren”. Made with Pencil2D. Check it out!


I’m stunned :) what a big project you did. I like the animation especially the parts where you fly around like it was 3D even if it’s 2D drawings, it must have been time consuming. Thanks for sharing. I also like the fact that you never know what is going to happen next, you have a great imagination to plan out a movie that goes along with the song for so long and no repeated animations that I could see. :clap::+1::muscle:

Thank you so much!! I did use Blender models as reference for a couple backgrounds if you’re curious (namely the town that is seen at the beginning and the shot where the camera dives underwater towards the end).

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@sagpi As always it’s a treat to see your wonderful work around here.

Thank you for sharing. It’s stunning! :exploding_head: :raised_hands:

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