Max frames per project

What is the maximum of frames for a single project?

@BasToTheMax 10K frames. But it’s absolutely not recommended to cram 10 thousand drawings into a single file.

Even commercial software will get bogged down and not function properly.

We always recommend people starting out to simply follow industry standards where possible, that is, creating one file per shot / cut / scene and then string them together in a video editor which are designed to hold many hours of video and audio footage without breaking.

Despite being an obvious remark Pencil2D is an animation software and not a video editor, and thus it’s not designed to blend well with thousands of drawings in a single document project file.

Another recommendation is to please always create backup copy files. Never ever save on the same file for more than a few times or you’ll shoot yourself in the foot when the files gets damaged by a fortuitous event (blackout, power surge, operating system instability, pets chewing power chords, etc).

This happens often with commercial software as well. File corruption is a real thing and no one is exempt from it, so the best way to prevail when one loses work, is to have backup copies lying around to fall back.

I’ll let you know that due to previous experiences, the possibility to recover a corrupted Pencil2D file is rather low in most cases, so don’t rely on it, please make backup copies to develop a habit as part of a professional animator toolset.