Manic Minutes - free content pixel cartoon (not made in Pencil2D)

A series of pixel cartoons I am making entirely on Linux using free content from Openclipart, and Freesound. I released episode one yesterday.

I noticed that the wiki page you linked says that your project is made using Piga Animator. Please keep in mind that this is the forum of the Pencil2D animation software and not a general-purpose animation forum. While we don’t strictly prohibit posts about projects made with other software, please make it clear if the projects you’re posting about are not made in Pencil2D when posting here.

Fair enough, I will make an effort to clarify that on any relevant posts.

I will note that while I did not use Pencil2D for this in particular, my tool does not directly compete with Pencil and in fact Pencil could be used to make sprites to be used in Piga Animator.

Episode two.