Making changes to an object in multiple frames at the same time

Hello. Let’s say, I drew an animation of a warrior. But when I was drawing, I made him much bigger size than the rest of the animation. Is it possible to somehow resize the warrior(object, frames or maybe layer) to make him fit to the whole animation?

Thank you in advance.

@ipopon Hey. Well this has been proposed before, but thank you for your input.

Right now there are three ways I can think of as a workaround that can be used while we get such feature:

  1. The hard way: Using the selection tool, select the warrior and then with the move tool (black arrow) resize the character in every frame.
  2. The weird way: Export an image sequence of the warrior at their current size (with transparency to avoid exporting the white bg), and then use other software to batch-resize each drawing (there’s image magick command line tools if you’re an advanced user)
  3. The easy way (with a catch): You can use the camera layer. Select the camera layer and zoom out to make the warrior seem smaller in general. You can keyframe the camera too in case there’s a mismatch between drawings as well. Note this will affect ALL the animation, not just the warrior, so you could probably combine this with the export idea.

So zoom out, export a png transparent sequence. Reset the camera (press CTRL+H with the camera layer selected) and then re import the warrior as an image sequence on a new layer to continue drawing everything else at the right size.

Hopefully in the future we also get a selection/ area based timeline-scope transformation feature like in TVPaint, but for now these are the workarounds I can think of :slightly_smiling_face:

I see! Thank you so much!