MAC can't export to mp4

I’ve seen all the reports and nothing has helped me, I’ve been working on a project with Pencil 2D for Mac and as I was working I couldn’t export to mp4 so I discover export by image by image frame by frame and use a video edition program. Now I’ve been working on a detailed vector layer and I can’t export to mp4 so I export it on image by image but there’s nothing, all the vector layer is blank, only I can see the bitmap
help me please,
and thank you very much, this means a lot for me

@Olafur Hi. Sorry to hear about this issue you’re experiencing. A few questions:

  1. Which version of Pencil2D are you currently using.
  2. And what is your macOS version?

Personally I’ve only seen reports of layers appearing blank due to an older bug that was fixed, but if you close Pencil2D, reopen it and then load the file, do the vector elements still fail to load?

It would probably be important that you also upload your file to our sharing platform so the software developers can take a look at the file itself to further investigate the problem (remember to put your name and avoid ticking the checkbox that allows sharing publicly, so only the developers can see it)