Loop selected frames

This function can save a lot of time when you need repeating animated details in complicated scenes, for example snow, rain, flag, smoke etc.
Instead of copying frames manually we could select them and define as loop.

toonboom, PAP and flash allow for that by allowing you to make “clones” or “instances” of a frame. That way whenever you edit it’s drawing, it updates on all the clones.

Right now the time line can’t even define a range to loop when you hit play.

Yes, i know it, it is just one more idea in wishlist for future features.

Hi @sfepa

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(I already added this one) :slight_smile:

PD. Which OS do you have?, version?

Thanks Kaiko!
I have Windows7 (x64) and Ubuntu 12.10 (x64)
I also have MacOS Maverick, at the moment i’m not working on it but can use for testing mac versions.

OK. Thank you!

(don’t forget to mention your OS every time you post an issue there) :slight_smile: