List of things you should add

Okay there here are things i think should be added

1 speech bubbles and letters and wrighting

2 symbols

3 An more easy way of stick man movement

4 more tools that are in adobie animate

@Super_pickle Well No.1 and 2 might be doable in the future. Text tool has been requested before, a “shapes” tool and a sort of library, so thanks.

For No.3, honestly Pencil2D is a tool for drawn animation. If you really want simplified stickmen you should check out the software called “Pivot animator”

Regarding No.4 Well we aren’t here to copy Flash (Animate CC), while there are some ideas we could consider, there are other things that aren’t even worth trying as well. For now what Pencil2D would be lacking in comparison is on the vector department, because Flash doesn’t have bitmap drawing, but rather vector “brushes” and it’s tweening operations.

Thank you for your suggestions :+1:

Sorry i might have sounded a bit pushy ;-;

Also I did try pivot but got LOTS OF maleware from it and adware and a virus that’s why I moved to pencil I do think pencil2d is better then pivot though I really like the fourms and everything like that so thanks for making pencil2d so good =)

@Super_pickle No problem, we really appreciate suggestions. As for pivot, that’s strange (about the malware) but, I guess it can happen since they are not open-source but freeware, so they might need to support themselves by installing malware :thinking:

On a site note I found a stickman animation program that is open source, and looks like it is still being developed. Maybe you can use that and combine it with Pencil2D to create hand drawn effects :slight_smile:

Edit: On second thought, excercise caution when installing it.Scan it for virus first, just in case :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: I was thinking maybe you could try the program called Synfig as well. It’s a vector animation suite that has vector interpolation (similar to flash) and I beleive they have a stickman template (I might be mistaken) so you could probably animate it there as well. If there isn’t a template it does have a rigging system to create your own characters and there are some tutorials on youtube.

@Super_pickle In addition to @JoseMoreno’s recommendations, Stykz is another option for Windows or Mac. It’s not open source, but it is free and if you download it from their official website ( you shouldn’t experience the malware/bundleware problems of Pivot Animator. It is not being actively maintained though so I don’t know how stable it is these days.

Thanks it looks cool but i think pencil is better

I will use pencil2d for a few more years and when I’m good at animating I will move to flash or adobie animate