Lip Sync Test 3!

Lip Sync 3! With DSE! I did it again! I think this is my best animation so far. Please be honest with feedback.


The lip sync looks good. I’d like to see something longer.

I’m not sure what DSE is though.

I’m not sure if it helps since the way you draw mouths doesn’t need to effect the overall face, but when you animate longer sections of dialog, you might want to scrub through and find they key syllable changes first, then see if you want frame by frame (1’s) or if can get away with every second frame (2’s). I like the smooth “oooh” animation in “no!” (very fun to animate), but for complicated long sections, you might want to see what you can get away with and check if you like the style.

Good work, I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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The animation looks great! You’ve improved a good bit!

DSE is this really cool top-down shooter game by Studio Studios- you should check it out if you’re interested! (Double Slit Experiment by IanTheBard)

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Thanks for the VERY helpfull response! I’ll try to apply this to all my future work, Most of my charecter designs are simple to avoid complicated movements but, I really like the idea of “key syllable changes” that sounds like a great way to improve my talking animations!


yeah not as good as my lip sync i drew each frame individually