Link to download of an older version of pencil2d to run on Mac10.10.5

Where to find a link to download an older version of pencil2d to run on Mac10.10.5 please…

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@sheila Hi. We no longer support that version of Pencil2D as it had critical issues that made Pencil2D constantly crash and deleting user work files.

As far as I understand we can’t properly support older MAC versions as easily because of how the updated technology used to build Pencil2D is no longer compatible with older versions of macOS; this is courtesy of Apple who are the providers of the key components to the technology framework Pencil2D use, and they don’t like providing their users with much backwards compatibility freedom :slightly_frowning_face:

That said, I’ll gladly ask developers around to see if there’s any possible way to put forth a version that can be supported in previous macOS versions.

Perhaps though it would be better that you try other software that has more resources to maintain previous macOS versions, so here’s also an updated list of alternative animation software that you can use instead of Pencil2D:

However If you still want to use an older version of Pencil2D, and you understand all of the previous issues as well as the fact that we won’t be able to provide support for most of the older version issues since they were already fixed, here’s a page that contains older versions of Pencil2D:

Just…make sure you save multiple copies of the same file and take the precautions outlined in this guide Pencil2D Project File Corruption Prevention / Partial Recovery Guide

THE OLDER DOWNLOAD WORKED- Thank you so much for your time & expertise.Pencil is amazing just as good as Toonboom and £2000 cheaper! I will certainly spread the word to my students.

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@sheila We’re always glad to help. I’m still worried about using an older version, but as I mentioned before I’ll ask to see if it’s possible to output a macOS 10.10 version and I’ll gladly update you through this channel on that regard.

As an additional warning please don’t forget to read the guide I shared previously and If possible please read the known issues sections for previous releases to know about potential issues you or your students might run into. We’ll try to help if it’s within our reach to do so as well if you need anything else related to how the software behaves or operates.

Known Issues 0.6.2
Fixes in 0.6.1
Known Issues 0.6.0

@sheila It has been a while, and I have some good news for you! We are now producing an official version of Pencil2D for older Mac versions including 10.10.5 (although it has not been tested on that particular version yet). It has not yet been added to the download page on our main website, but if you are still interested in working with Pencil2D, you can get it directly from here for now: I strongly recommend you use this version if possible over a pre-0.6 version of Pencil2D as we’ve added many new features and have made the program much more stable since then.

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