Lines disappearing when I use Pencil2D

whenever I try to animate in Pencil2D my lines disappear, how do I stop this?

@Aiskeii Hi. First of all make sure that you either:

  1. Have created a new keyframe to hold your drawing.
  2. Have the drawing layer selected (sometimes selecting the camera layer will not enable you to draw)
  3. Have the red playback indicator over the frame that has the keyframe container (drawing on a frame that doesn’t have a keyframe container will not allow you to draw and strokes might appear as If they are dissapearing.
  4. Check that you have not moved the camera layer or the canvas. IF you ar enot sure, select a drawing layer and press CTRL +H, similarly select the camera layer and press CTRL + H to reset the camera position.

If after checking everything you are still getting this problem, then please try to download the latest development version for your operating system. You can find those here:

If you still are having issues with these development version, please let us know what operating system you are using and if possible record a small video to show the problem. You can use a screensharing program like OBS (Open Broadcast Software) which is free to use.