Lineart is degraded by color fill when using Bucket tool

So when I draw lets say a circle with eyes and a smile in pencil2D,and I want to color it in, what do do? Hmm lets use a bucket tool! So I select the bucket and select the color but when I use the bucket tool, the lines fade out. Try it out for yourself.

-Draw a circle with a smile
-Then select bucket tool and select a color
-Then use the bucket tool to color in the circl
Look what happened to the lines of your circle and smile

@hoothoot Hi Connor, I had just created a thread for you to answer since you previously posted an update. Hmm I’ll try to copy paste what I said over there, since there are also a few things we need to verify this is a bug indeed, for now it is very difficult to understand what exactly is the problem without a visual cue, or an image of the issue.

Ok first of all it’s important to know the following:

  1. What Operative System do you have (i.e Windows, MAC OSX, Linux, etc)
  2. What version of Pencil are you using? to see this go to the menu HELP > click on the ABOUT option.
  3. Can you post an image or video showcasing the problem before and after it happens? To upload images you can use and paste the link in this thread. To upload video you can use youtube vids.

Once you reply back with this info we can see how to help you better.

NOTE: Hopefully this is only happening because of how Pencil shows things, however if it’s a real bug the only thing we can do afterwards is to report and expect to have it fixed, but we’ll have to take a few steps first in order to ensure that it is indeed a bug, and if it has already been fixed in the newer experimental versions.

FYI this is what I see on my computer with the download version of Pencil.

Thingamabob : Windows
Version : 0.5.4
Youtube :

The original issue was that the color fill would degrade the lines destroying the original lineart. This issue has been improved. The Fill tool now has a color tolerance slider to control how much “feathering” is applied when filling shapes.

If anyone continues to have issues with this please try using nightly builds which are always publicly available at

Here’s a direct link to the latest ones for each major system:

I’m closing this issue as solved.