Line interpolation tool

G’day again from me!

I don’t often post my own stuff here as much as I just stick around- but today I found my animation could look a tad better with an odd tool that I bet no one has thought of directly.

LINE INTERPOLATION. What I mean by this is some sort of tool that when you press a button, the lines in your layer’s keyframe (or selection) are made smoother, to just a small degree (to allow just pressing multiple times until desired), like so: Line interp

Now from my understanding, the Stabiliser can do this to an extent, when you’d draw a line of a sort; but it would be helpful to have something to interpolate it more, at least until I can get better at drawing on a computer…

(I also have the feeling “interpolation” might be the wrong term)

Just an idea! Please ask any questions for any clarification!

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The term I would use for such a feature would be stroke smoothing or simplifying. Lots of vector illustration programs have this feature. This is only possible for the vector layer because they bitmap layer has no concept of lines or strokes.

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