Lightboxing / Manual Rotoscoping?

Hi there.

Is it possible with P 2D to lightbox a movie file for manual rotoscoping?


@Munty Hi. Yes there are two ways I can think of right now.

First convert the movie to a sequence of images, then import the image sequence into Pencil2D.

Note that you can and should do this with a video editor to export at the same framerate that you want to animate in. Ideally you’re not only converting the file format but also the FPS.

The other way to convert it is to use the plugin that is shipped with Pencil2D called FFMPEG (found on the plugins folder) however this should only be used if you are comfortable with technical stuff and know how to use a command prompt, otherwise use a video editor.

The second possibility is a bit more tricky. Pencil2D has a way to make the window transparent in the preferences. Go to the top bar menu > Edit > Preferences > General > Window Opacity with this you’ll be able to trace over any other window or application such as a web browser (e.g youtube) or a video player. Of course for it to be effective you’d have to freeze-frame on either video player, draw on pencil2d, and move one frame at a time.

That’s all great to know, I will get it downloaded to a laptop and give each a try, command prompts are fine, and I quite like the transparent route.

Many thanks for your reply. :o)

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