Life from a different perspective!

What I’m attempting to do is to look at Charlie from Pipper’s perspective! Pipper is a brown spaniel.


I’m currently struggling to make it believable. I think that if I included the top of her head, including her ears and perhaps her tail wagging that would set the scene?

View_Point-6.pclx (120.9 KB)

What do you think?


I personally think the second version is better!

The difference is that I discovered my screen resolution wasn’t set to the highest resolution. When I reset it, I gave me more control of the Camera because I can view the layer in it’s entirety. That means I don’t have to 2nd guess the camera position!

I really like Pencil2D, at college we have access to Pencil2D and Adobe Animator. I definitely prefer Pencil2D because it more straightforward to use.

Can I please ask a question of the Pencil2D team? Why when I attempt to Export an image as a .png does it only export the part of the image within the Camera View?


The above animation is the same as above with Pipper added sitting at her masters, Charlie’s feet.

The dogs, Pipper is looking at her master Charlie, she’ll be expectant waiting to see what happens next!

She’ll show her expectancy, by wagging her tail!


I’ve never seen a dog, that wags their tail in a regular manor, so Pipper’s wags must be slightly irregular too.

There is a contrast, Pipper is drawn using a series of circles and the tail is a circle squashed shape. This is in contrast to Charlie who is composed of shapes drawn using only straight lines.

But both characters are drawn in a simplified manor. This aids drawing, including speeding up the process. Once the movements are finalised, both characters will be overdrawn to add character to the finished animation.