Layers and timeline

Maybe if you could make the bitnap, vector, and camera layers a different tab, and then add visible layers on the side. Audio scrubbing and tweening would be nice too.

@BatCat Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. FYI the idea of Pencil2D is that everything “flows” in the same workspace just like it would in real life (with obvious technical limitations of course)

That said, we have thought about making it clearer that you’re using different layers which are indeed treated as different modes, it’s just that we don’t want there to be any interruption between, say, roughing out a sketch (bitmap) and doing the lineart with vectors and later animating the camera.

Audio scrubbing is planned as well, but we really need an audio specialist programmer to help fix other sound issues with the sync; and unfortunately finding more volunteer devs has proven difficult so it will take time for that to happen.

Tweening would be a major, compatibility breaking implementation. While it’s also planned to have simple motion tweening at some point (shape tweening probably won’t happen), but that will also take time.

If you really need shape tweening, right now it’s better use a commercial solution like CACANi or Moho which are already used in the animation industry (and are way cheaper than Toonboom Harmony).

Considering there are many other issues that need to be addressed first before getting to that point, by then Pencil2D needs to at least be rock solid on all systems having no problems with most projects, and currently the app is far from such ideal.

That said, most of what you said is fortunately already in the dev team roadmap. Thanks again for sharing your ideas :blush:

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