Layer turns white

evertime i change the frame to copy a colour and get back in my frame where im animating rn, everything turns white, except for the layer im in. Can someone please help, im in extremly time pressure. PLEASE HELP!!!

Do you mean, that you have drawn, for example, a dog and you’ve decided the colour of the fur. You have now drawn other drawings in other frames and you wish to match the fur colour?

@gismo Sorry for the delay, I had to excuse myself for a while. Your issue reminds me of either a RAM memory limitation (not enough capacity), or a bug that has been fixed already.

Try the following:

  1. Please test your project with the latest development version available first to see if the problem keeps happening.
  1. Make sure to save manual backup copies. DO NOT save on the same file all the time, but rather save different copies using the File > Save As functionality…

  2. If the problem keeps happening even in the latest version, do let us know, however since you have a time constraint, please try a different software to finish your work.

Note I’m only making this suggestion hoping that you can finish your work in due time.

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