Language Preference

I Just downloaded the app, and the app is in Japanese. I’m not very good at Japanese so how do you change the language to English?

@mika17 Hi, the language should adapt to your Operating System regional language settings so you might want to also look if your own computer has anything on japanese or any other south east asian language just in case.

To change the language you have to:

  1. Go to the Edit menu, which is the second menu option from left to right on the topbar.

  2. Click on it and go to the last option of the menu list

  3. This should open a window dialog.

  4. On this window, look on the center page for the first clickable menu option which is the language selector.

  5. In this menu you should be able to search for the language you want (English) and once you select it, simply close the window, and then restart Pencil2D (the latter message should appear as a pop-up, so don’t worry if you get one).

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