Keyframe color-coding (or labels)?

(Color coding/naming frames?)

I don’t know if this is easy to implement, nor do I suppose it’s a good idea at all- but is it possible to add color-coding to keyframes to help me organise them easier? Perhaps this, or a labelling frames feature?

(Here’s an edit I did as a visual for the coloring)

Any thoughts?

EDIT ALREADY: I found it on the roadmap. I should really check that first… But! I still think this feature would be a good one soon… ?

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@JoeyH Hey. Well glad you found this on the roadmap.

This feature unfortunately needs a lot of internal rework to be implemented, along a rework of the timeline (basically to rewrite it from scratch AFAIK)

Additionally since it’s not an “essential” part of what an animation program needs, even if we argue about organizing one’s layer workspace (I mean it’s really just a convenience feature) It probably won’t happen soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it to advance its planning, so if you have many more ideas or considerations you can dump them here for now , and we can later create amore concise request in the developer forum :+1:

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Okay, thank you!​​​​

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