Key frames i can not see

Missing%20key%20frames hello there I’m right now animating and I can not see any key frams at all here is an image I mean I can see some but after the first eight I think I can not see any

@Super_pickle hmm according to that image you are seeing up to 5 frames before your current position (frame 19th) If you want to see the drawings instead, press the “onion skin” diamond button on the timeline next to the playback controls. That button enables the onion skin “match-frames to drawing” which changes from an absolute frame count to a relative drawing count.

You can also increase the amount of onion skins you see before or after your current frame on the preferences

got to EDIT > PREFERENCES > TOOLS > Onion skin section > increase the number visible of onion skins

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Thanks a lot now I can get back to animating my animation I will upload it to youtube aswell as the pencil2d forums :hugs: