Keep the scrollback chat ?

Hi guys !
What do you think of the new Scrollback chat (bottom right) ?
I setup it to try to have more interaction on the IRC channel.
But i’m not sure it is useful…

“vote up” if you want to keep it,
“vote down” if you want me to remove it !


It is causing issues. At least for me, using Chrome.

If you try to type anything in the forums, the whole browser will scroll down. This is because the chat’s textfield is intercepting your keystrokes. I think that the same happens when you try to click links.

The solution is to open the Scrollback Chat box, and then click on the “back” button. This way, the textfield is disabled so now it won’t intercept keystrokes.

If that can’t be solved, I say we should replace it with a different chat solution.

I found a way to fix this. You need to open scrollback and then click back on the top left corner.

That’s it… yeah…

Yeah that’s what I said. But doing it every time you visit a forum page is annoying.

Ok, disabled !