Kaiko (my stuff)


I finished the bouncing ball thing.
As it was so simple I drew the background inside Pencil.

I use version 0.5 Beta old code, since our last version is too buggy for saving material.

I realized Pencil can allow artist to do nice images besides the animation part.

What is happening with the links? they keep disappearing !

I would like to embed a video or to add a link. Not sure how to do it.
I would like some help.


Hey Man, well whenever i put links, like from youtube i just copy and paste the link and it is automatically embeded, i dont know if your links are not in youtube but rather in another video site like vimeo.If anything you can write a word like “MyStuff” in the text post, click and drag to select the word (or words) and then press the icon above the post editor that looks like a chain next to the undo arrow, when you press that it will allow you to give it a hyperlink so we can visit and see your stuff, in case copying and pasting the link directly wont work anymore :slight_smile:

I really want to do stuff with pencil but my tablet pressure doesnt work that well even with the 0.5 beta form the old site. I really would like to buy a cintiq haha, but i dont have enough money just yet. Oh well eventually i hope to be able to practice and to be doing really nice stuff haha , let me know if the method described works :slight_smile: and well congratulations for making new work with pencil!

Hi @Jose,

>Thank you. Let us see if your thing works here.

THE (usual :)) BOUNCING BALL jejeje


I also made this for @Matt, in order him to get more motivated and manage in some way to improve the paint tools a little bit :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody

Is this one?

[Video hide]


Yes it is… but… how??? jejejeje I spent lot of time yesterday…

How did you manage that?.. jejejeje…


Thank you for the help


I realized that it is better to keep things separated. I will make drawings apart from animations so, please delete the last post of yours related to the video clip.

Bouncing ball




Not able to embed things

Hey @kaiko that ball animation is really nice i wish i could do that with my current tablet, but its all jittery and stuff with any kind of animation software, even the paid ones…especially the paid ones, ugh. Anyway your illustrations and paintings are also really great, keep up the great work!.

On other note it is really weird that you are not being able to embed videos, im going to post the video with this post and ill inquire about this, in the end only Gordie could tell us what might be happening, perhaps its the way the thread was made or some option you get at it’s creation, let me see…

Kaiko’s Bouncing Ball Video

Edit: It seems it posted fine for me, might be something related to your browser, i just copied and pasted the link without any HTML tags by the way, try using a different browser, or see if you have your browser plugins and scripts updated to their most recent version.

Hi @morr

Nice you manage to embed that. I will also try to do that at the end.

Thanks you for the kind words. I believe you can also do that, despite your table.
By the way, I noticed that the images are kind of blurred, and not so colourful as they appear inside Pencil while doing them.
Do you know if that has something to do with the quality (not so good ?) of the export system on Pencil? Do you know what is the best way (quality specially) for exporting images, and the same question for exporting videos?

See you. And let me tell you that you are good giving motivation and inspiration to others. Well done.

…lets see if it works now
EDITED: Now worked fine. Worked the way you describe it @JoseM
I just deleted it now.


that bouncing ball is quite impressive…very unlike the other 95% who emphasize squash-and-stretch but then forget about timing/easing. I particularly like the way it appears to tumble in the air after striking the wall.

It was kind of annoying to keep pressing play to try to fully absorb the motion, so i’m gonna convert the video into a looping gif to watch =o)

Hey @kaiko it is perhaps related with the exporting algorithm particularly with the jpg file type. Although i must tell you that neither the 0.5 beta nor the 0.5.3b are exporting jpg’s for me, so far out of all the image file types displayed i can only export to PNG and BMP.

If anything try exporting to PNG it would be the least compressed format, because by default JPG on any software, including photoshop, gets compressed even at maximum quality, but PNG will not get compressed noticeably due to it’s format.

You can also work with BMP since it’s a kind of an old raw image file, but you should manage it with care, nevertheless it will give you a good result while exporting from pencil.

Regarging movies so far ive been able to succesfully export with 0.5 beta version, alongside that i would say avi (usually it comes uncompressed, but here it uses a codec of sorts to compress it) now, be careful before you do this i found a bug (which i will report after i understand how to reproduce it) it seems the first time ever you will export you are presented with a window to choose from a list of default codecs (e.h MPG2 / AVI, MPG4 AVI , MPG4 MOV , etc) i chose mpg 2 avi, but usually mpg4 is more updated and should have a better quality /compression ratio.

If you want to test which one is the best try to compress your actual pencil folder, and then go to File > Export > Movie > AVI > MPG/2 AVI and test, then delete that folder unzip the one you saved, and try again.

For now that would be it for formats as far as i can see, AVI and PNG / BMP are the winners, even if it wasnt pencil you would find yourself using them constantly necause they work everywhere :slight_smile: , hope it helped! let me know if theres something else ill try to see what i can do, see ya!

As far as i can tell, not as much from experience as from reading and thinking about it, exporting directly to video probably isn’t the best option unless you’re just doing a test render, or if your project is being done entirely within Pencil (which to be honest is kind of a difficult thing to do at this stage). If you plan to do any work on the project in a video editor, it’s probably safest to export individual uncompressed (or, in the case of PNG, losslessly compressed) frames to import into the video editor. MPEG files are notorious for having sync problems in many video editors, and may need to be converted to DV or something else before being used. Also, just about any video format is going to have compression applied to it, and when it’s rendered in its final stage, it’s going to have another layer of compression applied to it…the visual quality is just never going to be quite equal to a video rendered from clean frames.


I really appreciated your comment. Thank you.
And you got my attention on this when you said about the tumble “spinning” thing when the ball hits the wall. That is why it is good to share, we can learn from the others, everytime. :slight_smile:

Nice one your explanation! Thanks a lot

By the way, I used the Beta version just because I knew I was going to do lots of saving, so to be safe the Beta version works rather OK. I also saved PGN images, with no problem on this version. The last build had a bug related to the export options (if I recall correctly).

I will take your conclusion into my consideration.
I just think that the exported thing of Pencil is not so accurate as the others soft, because as I told you I managed to saved PGN files, and still those files are blurry and lacking a bit of the colours of the original. But even inside Pencil, when working over those images, I felt that there was a bit of lack of focus…
Maybe is the technique I am used to use in other programs like ArtRage that cannot be applied to Pencil painting tools

EDITED: I will wait to a stable release for practising the best video extension of Pencil

Well, time to rest. Thanks to all and good dreams…


So, what do you think of the Blender3D compositor? is it not so difficult to learn, just for doing those sort of things with the sequence images done in Pencil, for example?
Or better, is there another software for doing those things without loosing too much quality? What about MonkeyJam?


@kaiko: I can’t give a reliable opinion of the Blender compositor…i’ve never been able to understand how it works yet. Honestly i have never been able to get my head around the way the node connections work, whether it’s in video or audio…i like to keep most things simple. I never figured out how to do anything with synfig studio either, which is one reason i tried pencil.

I do like Blender, of course, but i’ve stuck primarily to modeling and basic animation. As far as compositing goes, I don’t really have any serious experience…i’ve done simple editing with the applications that behave in a more “traditional” Premiere sort of way…Kdenlive being what i am currently most comfortable with, although i don’t think it’s available for windows/mac. There are several applications to choose from, including Blender (i do intend to understand its compositing one day).

My previous post was more a general thought to keep in mind, rather than a suggestion of a change you should make today…we’re all doing this for fun, and i think i’m probably not stretching if i say most if not all of our current projects are just ideas we’re kicking around and are fine with rendering out to a video from pencil and calling it good. Personally everything i’ve done in Pencil so far has been rendered to PNG, but that’s only because they were intended to be made into GIF in Gimp…i haven’t done anything longer than a couple of seconds with this software yet.


Hei, thank you. I know what you mean when you like to keep things simple.

"…we’re all doing this for fun, and i think i’m probably not stretching if i say most if not all of our current projects are just ideas we’re kicking around and are fine with rendering out to a video from pencil and calling it good. "

You are absolutely right.
I am starting to like doing some animations just for fun and creat them for my own pleasure…
and to be honest your way of thinking, that I quote above from your last comment, gave me the idea of not giving up from doing things in a hobbyist level… So I am going to start a topic related to this :)… it will test my skills inside animation jeje

Thanks for your opinion.

That’s a really different bouncing ball you got there @kaiko!

Really cool!


Thank you