Jujutsu Kaisen FanAnimation

It’s a little wacky, but recently i “learned” how to use smears and impact frames. What do you guys think about it?

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@DanielSadraque The drawing looks nice and clean. If I were your unit’s animation director I’d wonder if the character is trying to do a headbutt or if the camera zoom is meant to be smooth.

I mention this because right before the impact frame there’s a bit of an anticipation in the movement so it looks like the character also tries to go towards the camera at the end.

If that’s what you intended I would make a down drawing too. But if that wasn’t your intent, maybe the camera keyframes need to be rearranged to make the flow of the motion path a bit smoother.

Either way, excellent job!

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i’ll try to adjust the position of the character in the frames, i don’t have a good pc so i had problems with the preview of my drawings, but i did intend to make him goes backward ( i think you can notice by him moving his arm). thank you so so much, for your feedback!

@DanielSadraque Don’t worry about your pc, it happens. To preview the animation you can export a lower resolution video by using Pencil2Ds movie export output size, with this even if your camera is 4K, you can export a quarter of that size quickly for a full preview. We’re looking into ways to implement a proper preview system since we’ve noticed very recently that after having many layers and frames the real time preview starts to suck :sweat_smile:

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