Jingle bells, Jingle bells, How does my pallette work?

When I draw images, in bitmapped mode then fill them using an existing colour. I get the result that I expect, but when I change the colour using the Colour Wheel or the Colour Inspector, the fill colour changes as expected.

You can change the name by clicking on the name and then editing it. BUT the colour in the swotch in the pallette doesn’t change.

If you use the Colour Selector tool, as shown below, the process works as expected, including changing the colour in the colour swotched in the pallette. But the colour in the pallete doesn’t. You can change the name by clicking on the name and then editing it.


This is the file that I was using Pallette.pclx (40.6 KB)

In vector mode the same results occur, except saving the file, say as Temp.pclx and then opening it, when the file loads the pallette is correct!

The reason that pallettes are important in “traditional animation” is that a set of colours, called a pallette is assigned to a character.

This allows the viewer to identify which character they are observing, even if they can only see part of the character.

Defining the pallete, for a character, is an important stage in the characters development.

In version 0.6.6, the palette behaves slightly differently depending on whether you are on a bitmap layer or a vector layer. This caused some inconsistencies in the UI in the latter case, it looks like that is the issue you’re describing.

In the nightly builds, the palette colors are now only changed when you explicitly choose to do so by using the replace command from the context menu. This also means that making changes in the color box or color inspector will no longer affect the colours on a vector layer directly, because vector colours are always tied to a particular colour in the palette.

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