I've noticed a problem when I've had a .pclx file 1.4 Mbytes loaded!

I am using a computer with 32 Gbytes of memory.

I have a Pencil2D project loaded, using 0.6.6 and I can edit, export .GIF’s and. MP4’s etc without a problem.

Both projects are in the region of 1.5M bytes in size.

If I attempt to load a different version of the project the Pencil2D application crashes.

I can howver reload Pencil2D and load the second project and there are no problems editing, exporting or running the animation from within Pencil2D.

I don’t understand why? The Pencil2D crash occurs?

I am attempting to load the new version of the project over the old version. With 32 Gbytes of memory I can run more than a single copy of Pencil2D at the same time.

The problem doesn’t occur when I load the second project into a different copy of Pencil2D.

I’ve also noticed when importing project layers, that it’s prudent to import them and then save the project to file, as a .pclx immediately. I usually use a different name to that I’m working with, say Project-7 when I re-save it after the layer import, I save it as Project-8.

Looking back on the event, I can now see that the update resulted in Pencil2D bring significantly less responsive.

As I struggled to make changes to the animation, the errors crept in. Somehow multiple copies of some drawings were saved in the same frame space.

Not all was lost because I save my efforts every 10 to 15 minutes.

After the sodtware update was complete I rapidly did the changes again, using the previous saved Pencil2D file as the basis.

The problem was caused by Microsoft updating the C and C++ runtime libraries!

This resulted in the file area of Pencil2D being mucked up.

As you can imagine this was a concerning situation, at the time, bit looking back I can understand what happened.

I should have stoped attempting to edit, when the update icon appeared on the screen.