Issue #318 from Github (Crashes)

Several notes about this Sound Issue:

I have investigated this one and here is what I found out:
Pencil2D will crash right away everytime a .mp3 Sound file is imported.
It will Not crash immediately when a .wav Sound file is imported and nothing will be showed on the Sound Layer after that. For it to crash select File > NEW. The New document will not be opened and Pencil2D will close (crash)

(Using Win8.1 x 64bits)
A curious note about the .mp3 sound file: after the crash the .mp3 file will be deleted for good (I was not able to find it anyway). It doesn’t happen with the .wav file

I noticed when Importing a SOUND, the Sound Layer must be selected in the first place or else a windows message will popup saying “No sound layers exists as a destination for your import. Create a new sound layer”, despite there is a sound layer already presented.
I just wanted to point this out but I think this is a normal behaviour, doesn’t it?

@kaiko Selecting a layer type should be of no surprise to us anymore, lol. Seems like one does have to select every type of layer when performing actions related to them.

However I think the “no sound layer exists(…(” problem should be filed as a “User Experience” bug report, although since we’re going to change the libraries that handle video & audio, I think we have to wait in order to be able to test it completely.

Besides that which Pencil2D version are you using right now to test this? Newer versions should not allow you to import any sound because the libraries were apparently disabled, unlike version 0.5.4b which you can enable sound import with the little hack that “Piggy” discovered, which is instructed in the FAQ, but I only tested that with WAV files.

@morr, I get your idea. And yes, I think it is better to wait for some new improvement related to the sound feature