Is there any possible ways I can make a sparkle effect in pencil2D for my mural art?

Please let me know if you do know how to give a sparkle effect.

@RishiPrabu Hi~ Welcome to the forum.

Hmm well Pencil2D is a software meant for hand drawn animation, so it doesn’t come with pre-made effects if that’s what you’re asking, you’d have to draw them yourself.

If you want a way to create animated effects quickly it’s possible you might need to use a compositing software or an app that has animation packages to speed up those effects, however those are usually mostly commercially accessible (meaning they cost money)

You can try using existing video editors with special effects like Openshot as seen in this tutorial:

A second choice would be to just do your animation normally in Pencil2D without the sparkles, and then in a video editor add some free pre-made sparkles like the ones from this site:

A third option, If I were to make a sparkle effect for free using Pencil2D, would be drawing the actual animated sparkles moving and well, sparkling, on a different layer. this might be the most time consuming option, but the good thing is that the style of the animation won’t change.

Understandable! thanks!

Theoretically you could import use the sparkle overlays from the second choice directly into Pencil2D as another layer above your animation and achieve the same effect. However Pencil2D does not have any keying functionality, and it only allows importing transparent content in very specific formats which are unlikely to be the same format you typically find for these sorts of things. That is why an external video editor is still the best choice in that scenario as Jose has already recommended.