Is there a way to develop without QT?

(Morgan Reed) #1

I have an idea I think I can implement, but is there a way to do so without QT creator?

(scribblemaniac) #2

Pencil2D’s code relies heavily on Qt so it is impossible to compile it without Qt on your system. You do not however need to use Qt Creator to modify the code. You can use any IDE as long as you use the qmake tool in your build process. The Qt Creator has this set up automatically so it is the easiest solution and the one that I would recommend, but it is theoretically possible to set it up in other programs.

(Jose Moreno) #3

@velocireed @scribblemaniac I found this guide on QT’s official documentation:

Also this QT forum answer outlines how to link MSVS 2017 compiler to QT

And this is the official QT add-in for MSVS at microsoft’s marketplace

Bonus: This is an official presentation and walkthrough form the QT company to integrate QTinto MSVS:

(Matt) #4

What’s your go-to IDE? QtCreator is the easiest tool for Qt things but it’s not the only choice. I personally do Pencil2D development with Visual Studio & Xcode most of the times.

(Morgan Reed) #5

My go-to is also Visual Studio Code with Xcode, though i have very little experience with it.

Thanks for the help, I’ll try that out sometime.

(Jose Moreno) #6

@velocireed You’re welcome. I just browsed the Qt docs based on learning you’re using Xcode and it seems you can convert a QT .pro project file to an xcode file. there seems to be info here with the command line arguments:

And a more DIY explanation on this stackexchange answer which is however a bit old but it references the QT pages I linked before:

also found this sort-of guide to set QT on Xcode:

Thanks for getting interested in helping develop Pencil2D :slight_smile: