Is there a limit to the number of layers you can have?

I have a 220-frame long animation with 1 camera, 1 sound, and 9 bitmap layers. It’s been going fine (though saving slowly) up until now, but now that I’ve unhidden a layer, whenever I try to work on it Pencil crashes a minute later. There’s only one frame on that layer, and I’m just trying to use the fill tool on it… am I just overloading the program?

Hi @bluef00t

It would be really helpful if you posted your computer specifications and version of Pencil2D you’re using.

Can you make it crash consistently?

Would you mind sharing the project with with us so we can take a look at it?

Now as for your question:
There’s no max to how many layers you can use nor have I experienced crashing pencil2D myself with 10+ layers.