Is Pencil2d still being developed?

I just wanted to know because the version I got says Nightly Builds Nov 23 2015 (quite a while ago), and although I really like the program and it’s features it’s still very buggy

@alankalane Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer: Hi, and welcome to the Pencil2D forums. Your question is an odd one. If you see right on the sidebar you’ll see commits, which are changes in the code. As you can see they are recent. However one thing I don’t understand is why people are using november 2015 version when there’s a novermber 2016 version clearly defined in the download folder we link on the main page.

Just in case you can’t find it I’ll link it here for you for
Windows 32Bit:

MAC OSX 10.8 or above:

NOTE: If you are an unfortunate MAC user and you have any version below 10.8, I’m afraid you won’t be able to run newer versions of Pencil2D. This is NOT a decision that the Pencil2D team made, it’s actual Apple’s own restriction upon their own software which allows the framework upon which Pencil2D runs, to only support 10.9 and above on the latest version.

November 2016 nightly build is the last version that will support 10.8.


Oh, Gee, thank you, I was about to give up on Pencil as I encountered insufferable bugs but now I will give the new version another shot

@alankalane Today there’s a new development version. I’m going to test it myself right now. If it works i’ll link you to it since it should contain more fixes than that of Nov 2016. I’ll let you know.