Is pencil2D application running only single main thread (GUI thread in Qt) or it does uses more than 1 threads?

(keshav sharma) #1

I’ve been going over the source code, specially playbackmanager in hope that the developer might have opted for a seperate thread in order to traverse over keyframes (for illusion of animation when user clicks “play” button) but turns out pencil2D depends upon QTimers instead, i want to know few things

  1. Is there any task where pencil2D uses a seperate secondary thread apart from GUI thread ? (like QThread)
  2. Why playbackmanager uses QTimer instead of a separate thread to implement animation-play state, is it because of complexity that comes with threads (such as mutual exclusion issues etc) or there is more to this design decision

(Jose Moreno) #2

@keshav2010 Honestly I’m not sure myself. If you don’t mind. I think it’s better if you visit the developer channel at IRC or at Discord (both are linked) so you can ask the developers themselves, while referencing these threads. They are more active in those channels than in the forum.


(keshav sharma) #3

Thank you very much Jose :smiley: will check it out :slight_smile: