Is it possible to rotate the canvas?

I am drawing a background where I am showing a top down view of a bunch of floating islands wrapping around in a 1 point perspective. I would like to be able to rotate the canvas to make it easier to add detail to my rough sketch. Is there a way to do that?

Hi n00b

You can rotate either the view itself or the camera, depending on what you want. When you rotate the view, using either R or Z button or via the “View” → “Rotate clockwise/anticlockwise”, the perspective is also being rotated.

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The view can also be rotated more precisely by clicking and dragging with the hand tool while holding the option/alt key. The view can be reset by going to View > Reset.


Is the facility to rotate the canvas only available using the nightly update version or is it available when using version 0.6.6?

@MrStevns @scribblemaniac Thanks for the help. I was originally trying to select and rotate each item in each layer individually but this just saved me a lot of time.

@AnimatorElisa It is available in both versions.

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