Is it possible to attach different cameras to different layers?

I was wondering if it was possible to have 2 cameras move in 2 different directions and have the results effect different layers.

@n00b It is possible to have multiple cameras, but the resulting output (e.g video, image, etc) will only use a single camera input (i.e Camera1, Camera 2, etc)

What are you trying to do that might need multiple cameras though?

I was trying to do a parallax effect where I have 2 layers scrolling at different speeds.

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@n00b Ah gotcha. The camera will effect everything, so it wouldn’t help much. For that we would need that each individual layer to have similar “motion” capabilities as the cameras (which I already asked before)

However with the current Pencil2D the quickest workaround I can think is to animate the backgrounds in different files and then export a sequence of images instead.

If it helps, In this context imagine that each Pencil2D file is like a separate symbol / timeline in Adobe Animate. It’s just more annoying to work with them.

  1. Anyway I’d keep the camera stationary in your “main” animation file. I’ll call this master scene for now.
  2. Then make an new file for both Background #1 & another file for Background#2 (you could make two cameras too, but I just like consistency)
  3. Afterwards make sure the camera is the same size as the master file in your background files
  4. Animate the camera how you want for each bg
  5. export the result as a PNG image sequence if transparent, or as a JPG sequence if everything is fully painted
  6. import it back into the Master file as a PNG sequence and you should end up with two separate layers that have the parallax backgrounds.
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Alright. Yeah I was thinking that was what I would have to do. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some way of doing this I wasn’t aware of.

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