Is FireAlpaca compatible with Pencil2D?

I am attempting to animate something but since Pencil2D (at the moment) doesn’t offer a surplus of tools (plus the paint bucket is a pain for me, leaves too many white pixels.) I was going to use FireAlpaca to draw my frames, but I am not sure if it would work out. If I were to use FireAlpaca to make frames, do I import them as image files? Or would they be too complex for Pencil2D to handle? If not, then it is no big deal. I just think that it would make things much easier to import images onto a frame rather than have to draw them all out, since the animation is an animation meme and has repitetive actions involved.

@Jason_Goldenrod You can sort of animate in Firealpaca, though it’s a pain. From FA you can export a sequence of PNG images, and import them to different Pencil2D layers no problem.

Conversely you can export PNG sequences form Pencil2D and we recommend using the “Export keyframes only” option so any held / repeated drawings will nto be exported but instead it will export the main keyframes with the appropriate frame number.

Make sure you are using the same canvas size in both Firealpaca and camera size in Pencil2D so whatever you import matches between apps.

At some point it is planned to have animation layered files support, but this is pending research.

You can also create animation cycles in separate Pencil2D files and import layers from these files between Pencil2D projects.

For more info on relatively new features please read this article:

You should also read the known issues section to have a better grasp of current problems that this version has.

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