Invalid Save Path on Win 10

@mabsolgirl Hi, we have a forum for these kind of issues. You posted the following as an update to your profile, which is hard to be seen by regular users:

IDK how/where to post this. I need help. I got this computer/laptop for my birthday with pencil2D on it but whenever I try to save an animation, a pop up comes up saying “Invalid save path”. I tried saving it in different ways, but the same thing keeps poping up. In a nutshell, I can’t save my animations. How can I fix this? (IDK if this helps but it’s a Lenovo with windows 10)

The issue might be that the Pencil2D version you have is older and not properly configured.

I’d like to direct to this videotutorial on how to download the latest development build for Pencil2D and how to properly use it on Windows. It has English close captions in case you don’t understand some of the soft spoken words.

After trying out the latest version, along with the “unblock” process please let me know if this solved your issue. If it doesn’t then we’ll see what can be done to assist you further.