Interesting information about the camera zoom

The image below is a screenshot of a page of stock images download from the Internet. I used 1 of these as inspiration for a drawing.

Since these are copyright, they cannot be copied and used for a professional project. If you copy such images for a school or college project, you would be advised to acknowledge their ownership and that they are copyright. I think that ypur tutor will award extra marks, as a result of owning up to being honest!

The interesting fact, is that the computer that the drawing of the tree used in the Pencil2D animation project isn’t large enough to display the Camera Layer @ 100%.

Therefor the zoom isn’t possible to generate the .GIF file or display the frames correctly, but if you save the project, then transfer the files to a computer that can display the Camera Layer @ 100%

The set up and check the camera zoom. The project can be saved and transferred back to the original computer it displays correctly and also exports to .GIF correctly too!

You can edit any other aspect of the project, except the Camera Layer on a computer that cannot display it at 100%. Note that @ 100% there needs to be a boarder around the edge of the camera area, within the main work area.


The Pencil2D project file is Throu_Woods-5.pclx (650.4 KB)

I understand that the Pencil2D developers are aware of the problem of having to display the Camera Layer @ 100% and they are working to overcome it!

The animation below is the previous animation, with Mary added standing between the trees.


The modified project file with Mary added standing between the trees. Throu_Woods-6.pclx (664.6 KB)

The aim of this exercise is to make an animation, from the view point of a person running towards Mary.

The Pencil2D project file is Throu_Woods-7.pclx (117.3 KB)

The .GIF file below is the resulting animation


When the runner reaches Mary, he stands still and motion less!

Having the individual frames on the Camera Layer allows you the animator to reposition the camera view for each frame.

This process of moving the Camera view was performed on a computer, which could display the whole camera view, with a boarder around it! You can check the Camera view, but you cannot edit it.

The project file for a version that replaces the blue sky with a photograph Throu_Woods-7B.pclx (984.7 KB)

The .GIF file cannot be uploaded because it’s over 12 Mb in size. This shows the advantage of using vector images, at least for development phase of a project.

The only file I can share for the final version of this Pencil2D project is the .PCLC file because the .GIF file is over 12 Mbytes.

You can export them project as a .MP4 file complete with sound.

Throu_Woods-9.pclx (1.5 MB)

This project has been an interesting look at the use of camera zoom in Pencil2D. On my desktop computer, I could setup the zoom.

Later editing the project, I could perform the other tasks on the desktop computer or my mini laptop. This has a useful screen size less than the 1080 x 720 pixels, so the zoom setup wasn’t possible without this being performed on the desktop system.