Interactive Use on Windows PC

Is it possible when running a Pencil animation on a Windows PC to interactively

  1. Pause?
  2. Speed up and slow down?
  3. Reverse?
    Yes I am not making cartoons. I am trying to make an animation of offsets on faults in California, for educational purposes, and the above list are required features to be useful. If Pencil cannot do these things, does anyone know of good free software that can?
    Would anyone like to make this animation instead of me? I’m just an old duffus geologist, and struggle with new computer tasks.

@santacruzred I’m sorry it took so long to answer, we’ve been experiencing technical difficulties in all fronts.

Regarding your questions, if you create a video from an animation made in pencil 2D you could use a third party video player that supports these functionalities. Right now Pencil2D at most supports play / pause / Go to start functionalities. Speeding up or slowing down can be accomplished by manually changing the FPS (frames per second) however this is not entirely intuitive. Although you can manipulate the FPS during playback.

In my experience if you have video footage you could use Blender which is a 3D application that comes with a video editing module and has reverse playback and changing the fps is much more interactive than Pencil2D. And since you’re a geologist Blender 3D might help you to create 3D modeling representations of topographical and geological data using python :wink:

Hope this helps, Cheers.