Instaling Pencil2D and Pencil on the same system

Hello, I am running Linux (Deam Studio based on Ubuntu 12.04) and I was happy to see that with pencil 2D I can export my animations on linux. So now I don’t need to flip out my Mac book everytime I want that.

However due to Pencil2D still being beta I guss it crashes all the time on my computer even when just doing something as easy as pressing Ctrl + z

So I am sticking with regualar Pencil until these issues are resolved. However I stil want to export my animations useing pencil 2D. So I wonder if anyone can tell me how to install both of them?

I tried useing the Ubuntu software center to install regular white I have pencil2D installed however it just gives me an error that is related to that Pencil2D is installed. It thinks it’s the program so it doesn’t want to install Pencil.


If their someone I can do? Copy paste would be nice as I am a little bit of a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Pencil can run from any location. Rather than installing the second version with your package manager, you can treat the package as an archive and extract the contents wherever you want. The drawback to this is that you can’t just run a command to start the program like you can when it’s “properly” installed. You’ll need to go to the install directory and run “./Pencil”. Alternatively you can make a wrapper script named pencil2D (or anything else, as long as it’s different than your existing pencil executable) and place it in a directory in your path (typically $HOME/bin/ for user-made scripts, but if that doesn’t work you can put it in /usr/local/bin if you have write permission to it). The script needs to be executable, and the contents are just this:


cd /path/to/my/pencil/directory && ./Pencil


It might be a lowercase “pencil”, but i think Pencil2D executables are all capitalized